Dram Shop

Alcohol liability is typically defined under “Dram Shop Acts,” which are state statutes that impose civil liability on bars, restaurants or other entities that sell or serve alcohol for the injuries an intoxicated customer causes to third parties when they knew, or should have known, that such customer was intoxicated when the alcohol was sold.  South Carolina does not have a Dram Shop Act per se, but it does have alcohol liability statutes and in Hartfield v. The Getaway Lounge & Grill, Inc.388 S.C. 407, 697 S.E.2d 558 (2010), the Supreme Court of South Carolina defined evidentiary standards that impose alternative legal theories for liability to such hospitality entities.   The defense of such claims requires not only extensive knowledge of the law and legal standards, but accessibility to a broad range of experts both locally and from all over the country, each having their specialty in toxicology, biomechanics, risk assessment, etc.  Our lawyers at Grier Cox & Cranshaw have successfully defended clients including reputable restaurants/bars against such claims and we pride ourselves in delivering just results for our clients.